InterGrowth 2020 Digitalizing Performance to Optimize Profit

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By 2030, the Industrial Internet of Things could be worth $7.1 trillion to the United States; $1.8 trillion to China; $700 billion to Germany; and $531 billion to the United Kingdom.


Winning with the Industrial Internet of Things


Delivering Digital Dividends

Between 2013 and 2016, companies that engaged their ecosystem saved an additional 2.4 % per employee and had additional costs savings of 5.2% compared to those who didn’t.

If your business isn’t creating smart products, it could be left behind.


Want to Reinvent Your Business? Start With Your Products.


How the Internet of Things will reshape future production systems

Rich data, ubiquitous connectivity, and real-time communication are changing the way companies work.

72% of manufacturing companies said they are dramatically increasing their level of digitization and expect to be able to be ranked as digitally advanced by 2020.


Industrial Manufacturing Trends 2018–19


Enabling the world’s industries to drive their digital transformations

Acting now, at the forefront of Industry 4.0, will yield companies the biggest competitive advantage.

The “tipping point” for Industry 4.0 adoption will be reached within the next 5 to 7 years for larger manufacturers.

Siemens Financial Services:

Countdown to the tipping point for Industry 4.0

Siemens Financial Services:

Unlocking digital transformation: the financial factor

80% of precision engineering and machining companies say they are under pressure to upgrade to new-generation, digitalized production systems.

Potential annual manufacturing productivity gains from digital transformation will total between 6.3% and 9.8% of overall revenue by 2025.

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The Digitalization Productivity Bonus


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